Government agencies have responsibilities to victims

Any citizen may become a victim of crime. We all have an interest in knowing that the criminal justice system in every case is safe and fair for victims.

Victims have a special interest in how the criminal justice system handles their particular case because the crime happened to them. Victims can be complainants, observers or witnesses (for the prosecution or the defence) and the way they are treated can affect their mental and physical health, their education and their employment.

The government has a responsibility to understand the effect of the criminal justice system on victims, and to do what it can to respond, and to influence others.

Victims' needs

Individual victims will have different levels of need, but most victims will want:

  • their victimisation recognised and their safety guaranteed
  • their voices heard and to be treated with respect
  • to receive information about the criminal justice processes and their involvement in it
  • the offender being held accountable
  • help to understand and take part in the system, and some compensation for their costs.

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