My role as Chief Victims Advisor was established in November 2015 as part of Government initiatives aimed at addressing family and sexual violence as well as increasing support for all people who experience crime. Since my appointment I have sought to improve victim participation and interactions with the criminal justice system.

Alongside the part-time role of Chief Victims Advisor, I am also the Director of my own company, ‘Tiaki Consultants’, which offers specialist sexual violence prevention and intervention services including consultation, counselling, research and training. In 2015, I completed a research project for the New Zealand Defence Force that contributed to the launching of the prevention initiative ‘Operation Respect.’ I have also continued to work in private practice as a therapist for over 30 years.

In the past I was a founding and executive member of Te Ohaakii a Hine - National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (2005 to 2013) and the inuagural Chair of the Tauiwi Caucus (until 2013) as well as a member of the Task Force for Action on Sexual Violence (2007 to 2009). 

I was a founding and executive member of Project Restore (a restorative justice programme specifically developed to deal with cases of sexual violence), and for over 10 years I was the Executive Director of Rape Prevention Education, Whakatu Mauri (2005-2015).

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