Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims workshop

Workshop attendees with Minister Little and Dr kim McGregor

The Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims workshop was held on Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th March 2019. It was hosted by Dr. Kim McGregor, Chief Victims Advisor, and was aimed at discussing how we can improve the experience of the Criminal Justice System for victims/survivors of crime.

The workshop brought together over 140 people representing victims, victim advocates, the judiciary, police, court staff, prosecutors, corrections, parole, academics and politicians. Their different backgrounds, perspectives and involvement in the criminal justice system provided many insights into how the system can be improved for victims.

The workshop allowed the Chief Victims Advisor to hear from many voices in the victims’ community. Attendees identified gaps in the criminal justice system, as well as what would improve victims’ experiences in the system. Attendees also identified values and articulated their vision for a uniquely Aotearoa criminal justice system.

Attendees evaluated the workshop and many mentioned that they appreciated the chance to develop shared values and a shared vision with other members of the victims’ community that they don’t often get the opportunity to meet with.

In the coming months the Chief Victims Advisor will confirm what she heard from attendees and then share that report with those who couldn’t attend the workshop and the wider public.

The Chief Victims Advisor will also be providing the Minister with a set of prioritised recommendations about what should change for victims in our criminal justice system.