Chief Victims Advisor

Courts remain an essential service throughout all COVID-19 restrictions but may be operating differently.

Please check the Courts of NZ website for the latest court protocols:
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Employers can Support Employees to be Free from Family Violence: The Chief Victims Advisor has released a media statement regarding support for employers on communicating safely with employees who are experiencing violence in their homes during lockdowns.

Chief Victims Advisor media statement 3 September 2021

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  • Chief Victims Advisor role

    The Chief Victims Advisor provides independent advice to the Minister of Justice about victim issues, with a particular focus on improving systems, policies and laws for victims within the justice sector.

  • Biography

    Learn about the Chief Victims Advisor's background, experience and goals for supporting victims of crime in Aotearoa.

  • Key areas of focus

    Read about the Chief Victims Advisor's key recommendations to the Government to improve access to justice for victims of crime in Aotearoa.

  • Victims' rights and the justice system

    Victims of crime in Aotearoa have rights that need to be upheld and respected when participating in the justice system. Read more about these rights, including the Victims Code of Rights.

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    Here you'll find useful information and resources relating to support for victims of crime in Aotearoa.

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    Read reports and research data collected regarding victims of crime in Aotearoa.

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